What I love about Rosemont

Alessandra, 5th Year.

I love Rosemont Secondary School, the building is new, very big and absolutely beautiful, with huge fields outside and a wonderful view of Dublin and of the sea on the horizon.

The gym has a hardwood floor and it’s big and well-equipped, the classrooms are colourful and decorated with lots of projects on the walls.

There are lots of facilities like the library, well-equipped laboratories and a great canteen. In the school there are also many pianos, in fact music is a very important part of the school. There is also a little church where all the teachers and students can go to pray and thank God for what they have.

But Rosemont is not just a building, the teachers and students make the school what it is. I have been in Rosemont just a few weeks but I can already feel a happy and harmonious atmosphere.