Rosemont International has two main areas of focus:

  • Personalised Programmes for Schools abroad
  • Individual Students attending Rosemont for a year or a semester.

Students at Rosemont

A student is given the opportunity to study either for the full academic year or a semester in Rosemont.

They form part of the normal academic programme of the school. They study in the year that corresponds to their own schooling in the country of origin. Each student stays in a host family.

Each student is interviewed in order to match the student with the more appropriate host family.

Personalised Programmes

We create programmes to suit the need of each school. They have to be a group.

  • Academic
  • Language
  • Culturally

These programmes are between 2-4 weeks long. They can take place during the academic year or during the summer months. Accommodation is arranged with host families.