Application Form


Conditions of the Programme

In order to enrol in the ‘Academic Year in Ireland’, Rosemont School requires agreement to the following conditions:

  • Both parents must agree to their daughter taking part in the programme ‘Half a year in Ireland’ or ‘A Year in Ireland’ and therefore sign this document.


  • As a general rule, Rosemont will not admit requests from the student’s parents for a change of family in the first two weeks except in cases where there is an urgent necessity to do so.


  • To allow the student to adapt to the programme and to life in Ireland we ask that the student’s family make a maximum of two phone calls per week to their daughter. Rosemont reserves the right to limit the number of phone calls made by the family abroad if it considers that excessive phone calls are preventing the integration of the student or causing undue upset to the Irish Host Family. When we refer to ‘the student’s family’ we include parents, grandparents, uncles, brothers, sisters etc, i.e. it is a maximum of two phone calls per week between them.


  • For the same reason as in point 3 above it is not recommended that the student bring a mobile phone without consulting with the Rosemont School coordinator beforehand. If the student has a mobile phone and its use creates a problem either for the school or the host family, or impedes the student’s integration, we reserve the right to confiscate the mobile phone until they return home.


  • The internet access in the host family house is likely to be limited and will be carefully supervised. If the guidelines regarding internet use are not adhered to, this will be discussed with the student.


  • If during the stay of your daughter in Ireland you wish to make a complaint to the host family, you must do so through Rosemont. You should never make a complaint directly to the Irish family.


  • All students attending Rosemont Secondary School are subject to the Code of Behaviour and all other school policies, which can be found on the school website.


  • In the case of an allegation of crime (e.g.: shoplifting or stealing from the host family; underage drinking; sexual activity before the legal age of consent; using illegal drugs/substances) one of the student’s parents is required to come to Dublin to deal with all legal matters arising. The student or her family may also be required to make restitution in monetary terms to the appropriate parties.


  • If any student is involved in inappropriate sexual behaviour or any other behaviour which proves a risk to their health and wellbeing (e.g.: self-harm or extreme dieting), their parents will be notified and will be required to propose and support an appropriate solution. The programme coordinator reserves the right to terminate their participation in the programme and to arrange their supervised return to their country in the interests of child welfare


  • If the student decides to go home or has to be sent home for any reason other than illness, they must understand that they will lose all fees paid.


  • Rosemont reserves the right to decline an application from a student with a medical condition which may result in difficulty in securing placement with a host family, e.g. enuresis (bed-wetting), ADHD, etc.

Image Rights

Parent/ guardian consent for publication of work and photographs

I agree that, if selected, work by my daughter or the child in my care may be published on the school’s website or other media formats (web, magazine, flyers, newsletters, videos, DVDs etc.). I also agree that photographs that include my daughter or child in my care may be published subject to the school rules that photographs will not clearly identify individuals and that full names will never be used.  In the case where an individual student’s first name is to be used with their photograph, the school will seek permission directly from the parents/guardian in advance.