A trip to Belfast

Alejandra Sanchez, Spain.

This Saturday we went to the amazing city of Belfast. I arrived at the school at 8:20am. We waited for the rest of the international girls to arrive.

We left at 8:30am and we were on the bus for about an hour and a half when we stopped at a fuel station. I went to Costa and bought a hot chocolate. After a 15-minute break, we continued our journey.

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We arrived in Belfast City at 11 am. First, we went to the Christmas market. It was lovely! There were lots of food trucks. We had some free time and Elena, Cristina and I went to see all the stalls. We bought some French crepes and then we went to a Spanish stall and bought what we call โ€œpatatas bravasโ€. They were tasty! Then, we went to see the stalls with Christmas decorations. I bought a snowman decoration for my host family. We had lunch and then we met Reyes and Ana, the teachers in charge.

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We took the bus to the Titanic museum. I loved it. It has four different floors and they have lots of different activities organised for tourists. We were in the museum for 2 hours and at 5pm we took the school bus back home. On this fabulous trip I learned that Belfast is part of the United Kingdom and that they use pounds. I also learned a lot about the history of Ireland and why the country is split into two parts.

This has been my favourite trip so far!

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