A Week in Paris!

Andrea Reynoso, Mexico.

For the midterm break the international programme took us to Paris. It was really nice and so much fun. Not all of the internationals went, but the trip was still incredible! We flew to Paris on 31st October. We met in Rosemont at 9:30am, even though the flight wasn’t leaving until 1:30pm. We got the bus to the airport.


When we got to Paris, the first thing we did was leave our things in our rooms and go to the commercial centre beside the hotel. There weren’t many stores but all we wanted was to eat because we were really hungry! We had a Subway for dinner and then we went to McDonald’s for an ice cream. I ordered a caramel and Oreo ice cream; it was the best ice cream I ever had.

The next day was incredible, first we had breakfast and then made our way to the Louvre museum, which was amazing. Afterwards we went to mass, then l’Arc de Triomphe and finally the Eiffel Tower! It was all so amazing.


The following day we went to Disney, which I loved! It was a great day.

The next day we went to some temples and churches, which were really nice. We also ate waffles with Nutella which were very tasty!

I loved our trip to Paris because it was an opportunity for me to get to know more of the other girls. What an amazing trip!