A day in Powerscourt

Sofia Ochoa, 1st Year

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This Saturday we went to Powerscourt. It was lovely, we went to the waterfall, jumped on the rocks and I fell down. It was so funny! Some girls took off their shoes and put their feet into the water. It was so cold! We took really beautiful pictures and after that we ate ice cream.

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After the waterfall we visited the gardens. I learned that they have special devices to translate the information from English into any other language tourists might speak. I also learned that the weather in Ireland is perfect for plants to grow. While we were in the gardens, Reyes gave us time to go and buy some souvenirs or visit the rest of the gardens. I preferred to visit the rest of the gardens so I went outside. It was quite cold, but it was worth it. I also learned that if you roll down a grassy hill, you can get pretty messy!

It was a great day.