A Trip to the Farm!

Elena Ardura, 5th Year

Last Saturday we went to Causey Farm. We met at the school at 9:15 because the trip took an hour and a half. When we arrived at the farm, we went to see the puppies and the pigs. After cuddling the puppies and playing with them, we went for a walk along a Halloween-themed pathway. We walked through the overgrown path with so many scary things, before going into a scary tunnel, which was really funny because we were all screaming and laughing!


After that, we went into a kitchen and the guide showed us how to bake typical Irish brown bread. Once we had made the bread, we went to do bog jumping. We got to the bog by truck, which was full of hay bales. We jumped into the bog when we got there, and that part of the day was the most fun. After all the fun was over, the worst part of the day started. I felt dirty, like I couldn’t touch anything because I was covered in mud.

Once we had cleaned up, we went to learn how do Irish dance, and how to play the bodhran (a typical Irish drum). We arrived back at school at 5:15pm.

3 Things I learned:

1. How to make brown bread.

2. How to milk a cow.

3. How to do Irish dancing.

It was the best trip we have had so far!