A Hike in Glendalough

Alexia del Moral, Mexico


Today we went on a hike in Glendalough. At first, I thought it was going to be really tiring, but I stayed positive. When we got there, we saw the trees and the landscape were amazing. Then we started the hike and the view just got better and better. I was walking with Laura, Elena, Bene and Ale, and they told me all about their culture, food and activities in their countries.

When we got to the top the view was amazing. Some girls (like me) wanted to keep hiking so we did. I was amazed! It’s wonderful to think how brilliant God is to create such an incredible place! It has been the best trip. I can’t imagine how much fun this year will be if we keep going on these awesome trips. I’m so grateful to the school for organising these activities. I’m very happy here!

Things I learned:

I learned to have fun without a mobile phone.

I learned to be responsible for myself and stay with the group.

I learned that the higher you go the better the view will be.