Kayaking and Archery

I had a really good time on today’s trip. First, we got to Blessington at 10:30, where we stayed outside looking at the stunning view of the lake and the forest until 11:00, when we started archery. I thought it was so much fun! I found out I was actually good at archery when we had a competition and my team won. I had a really good time and got to know the new girls .

After archery we went to the changing rooms and slipped on our wetsuits. They fir very weirdly but they looked cool! Then we walked to the lake shore, took our shoes off and started walking. The sand was really cold and our feet were freezing! We got in our kayaks and practised a little bit of rowing. Then we had a small treasure hunt (we came in 6th place) and played zombie tag. Afterwards, we left our kayaks on the sand and swam in the lake. It was freezing cold but I had lots of fun.

After 10 minutes we threw on our dry clothes and had lunch looking at the pretty view, before getting back on the bus and going back to Rosemont.

Today was a really good day!

Ale Acedo, Mexico

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