Trip to Dublin Zoo

Our first Saturday trip! 

Last weekend I went on a trip to Dublin Zoo with the other international girls from Rosemont School. The journey took only 30 minutes. When we got there, Orlagh (our English teacher) showed us the first part of the zoo and gave us some information. We saw orangutans, flamingos, tigers, snow leopards and other animals.


Afterwards, we had some free time and we visited another part of the zoo: the African plains.


After visiting the zoo we went to the Phoenix Park and there we saw the Wellington Monument. We relaxed for a little while and then took the bus back to school. I enjoyed the day and I learned that in the zoo you can’t feed the animals because they can get sick or overweight, that in the zoo you should speak with a low tone of voice, otherwise the animals hide and you wouldn’t see them and that the Wellington Monument is the largest obelisk in Europe.


Martina Devare, Italy.