Cookery Class

Dear Diary,
On Saturday we had a cookery class. We had been divided into two groups. So at 10.30 we started the class and we put on our aprons. We were like real chefs!

Orlagh gave us the safety and hygiene rules, and the recipe for making crumpets. We were ready to begin!
We weighed the ingredients and we mixed them together. We used the whisk to make a mixture without lumps. When we finished mixing, we put on the gas cooker and started to fry the crumpets.
They smelled so good!
We made 20 little crumpets. We ate them all with butter and jam. Then we cleaned up and went in to another room and we played games with Almu. It was fun.
Olaya and me felt like the best cooks in the world!
Madeleine Philip, 3rd year. 

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